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About Community Thrift Stores

Community Thrift Store is a for profit company that opened for business in 1993. Our goals were two fold, to help the Earth and our Community.

community thrift storeFor the Earth we divert reusable items from our overwhelmed landfills by recycling them to be reused by people who need them or feel that recycling is a great way to improve the health of our Earth.

For our Community, we create jobs out of household discards and make available and affordable everyday necessities such as clothing, shoes, bedding, dishes and household items to all members of our Community.

Community Thrift Store purchases household discards from Charities, Civic Organizations, Schools, and Municipalities. For these entities, the sales of these discards generate funds that can be used directly for their programs. Our wish is to encourage recycling and have these entities also be the benefactors of our efforts.

Community thrift Store is one of the largest recyclers in Charleston, Berkely, and Dorchester Counties! By recycling household discards we keep them out of the landfills and provide a service to all of members of our Community by offering these items at a fraction of their original cost.

Community Thrift Store is proud to have created over 85 good jobs in our Community, helping individuals and families. Our valued team members come from all walks of life and are the heartbeat of Community Thrift Store!

Our Mission

  • To reduce the amount of textiles and household items entering our landfills.
  • To make available and affordable to all members of our community needed clothing and household items.
  • To help individuals and families in our community by creating employment opportunities out of household discards.
  • To promote the reuse of clothing and household items by offering them for sale in a clean, organized and friendly environment.
  • To help local governments offset recycling costs and help charities, schools, and civic organizations raise much needed funds by creating a market for recycled textile and household goods.

Did you know that textiles and used clothing make up 5% of all landfill waste?
In 2009, over 4.5 million tons of materials were diverted by the actions of Community Thrift Store and instead recycled for the benefit of our Community.

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